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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Assorted Mini Cookies from "Kaff's" Bakery

Oops! my Big Boy, Ernest, seems to have slipped a pic in, flashing his bare tummy.
I stopped by this evening to get some bread rolls from Kaff's Bakery in Borough Park, Brooklyn and could not resist getting one of each of a selection of mini cookies. I think they look very cute - the mini shortbread hearts, with or without chocolate, a tiny rolled circle cookie, a tubular cookie with, I think, sesame seeds, a black and white cookie, and, if I had remembered to include it there would have been a pretty little flower cutout sandwich cookie with jam in the center, something like a linzer cookie.

We are already planning what to make for the next St. Mary's parish reception and I thought these would look really nice to copy, bake them ourselves and place on the cookie tray. Is that not a cute one looking like a bow tie with apricot jam!

Now I can enjoy the summer coasting around bakery shops (Citarella and other really upscale ones have exquisite little cookies), buying a couple of samples and getting ideas. Also eating the samples; that is one of the perks.