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Monday, September 14, 2009

Flaky Apple Turnovers - Tuesdays with Dorie

I'm very excited about this lovely sour cream pastry and can't wait to taste the Apple Turnovers. I halved the quantities in the recipe and found that I needed to add about 2 TBS sourcream to the dough, otherwise it would have been too crumbly to handle.

Chilling and rolling - just fine. Forming the turnovers - not so good. I rather foolishly tried mini turnovers (3 ins. in diameter) and that's just not large enough for a neat turnover. I had to mince the apple mixture to get it small enough to place on the dough circles and folding the circles was not fun at all - I don't have nice turnover shapes.

That being said, I am hoping for success at the Office on Tuesday, but I'm a bit nervous about them. I have put them in the freezer (about 20 minis) ready to bake Monday evening.

Julie of Someone's in the Kitchen picked this week's recipe - thank you, Julie, for introducing us to another wonderful Dorie pastry recipe.

Later in the day: They are wonderful little pastries! I love the crisp, slightly sweet pastry and the simple apple filling. They disappeared at work in about 30 minutes - some people came upstairs asking about the Tuesday cakes and I had to tell them they were all gone. Make again, and again...