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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chocolate Cream Tart - Tuesdays with Dorie

Another delicious recipe by Dorie. This week's recipe for Chocolate Cream Tart was picked by Kim of Scrumptious Photography Thank you, Kim.

It was quite an easy recipe but a little bit fussy to make, possibly because I made it during a week night and felt grumpy and frazzled after work. The weekend is always best. I was delighted to see that the chocolate crust recipe was the same as the Pate Sucre recipe, my absolute favorite crust so far. But this time the crust turned out a bit dry; it must have been the addition of the Dutch process cocoa I used. I may look around for another chocolate crust next time.

I thought the chocolate custard was delicious, perhaps even a bit more decadent than it should have been as I used semi-sweet chocolate chips. Dorie has quite a few custards so I am beginning to feel confident now about making them. I was very conservative with the cream, partly because I am experimenting with a 10" decorating bag and partly because I wanted to add hazelnuts in a window pane pattern.

Would I make this again - the custard, yes. It would be delicious in open tiny tartlet cups, with cream, for guests to have a small sweet snack.

Next week's recipe is just my cup of tea - Tiramisu, oh boy, oh boy!