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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brownie Buttons - Tuesdays with Dorie

What a lovely pick from Jayna this week! I had a really enjoyable time making these adorable Brownie Buttons. I was so busy today with all sorts of duties - cashing in my coins at Pathmark's "Coin Star;" grocery shopping for the week; clearing out my closet and so on and so on, so no wonder I needed a break.

The small quantities in the recipe are just right for baking at the end of a busy day and the brownies are so easy too. They are out of the oven and I have consumed one - it's a delicious little bite. Just waiting for them to cool and I'll indulge in a bit of decorating.

The decorating inspiration: Green candy melts, a drop of peppermint extract and upside down brownie buttons. I bought some different colored candy melts at New York Cake on W.22nd St. plus some peppermint essence from the wonderful variety of flavorings they have there. I melted some of the green ones in the double boiler and then smothered the brownie buttons in them and arranged them like chocolates on the plate. They taste gorgeous - like a brownie candy. Now I'm planning some more brownie buttons with different colors and flavor extracts - they would look so cute at a party.

Thank you, Jayna. I think you have started a trend here.